Tunisian Startups' Pulse

TS Index is a participative online platform that brings more transparency to the Tunisian economy by offering quality data to encourage investment in Tunisian startups. The data is provided to the actors of the ecosystem in the shape of graphs and infographics allowing them to evaluate the business environment. TS Index also measures the impact of Tunisian startups on the local economy and tracks the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of startups.

Unlocking Tunisia's Startup Potential

  • In-Depth Data Analysis
    TS Index provides a wealth of high-quality data on the Tunisian startup ecosystem, empowering users to make well-informed investment decisions and foster growth in the local economy.
  • Dynamic Visualization
    Our platform transforms complex data into easily understandable graphs, enabling users to quickly evaluate the business environment and identify trends & opportunities.
  • Ecosystem Tracking
    Stay updated on the evolution of the Tunisian entrepreneurial landscape with our real-time tracking features, capturing the progress of startups from inception to maturity.